Meet DJ Nixon

I’m unapologetically myself. Not politically correct, for the faint of heart or pg-13. I am completely unafraid of being wrong or asking questions that may seem stupid if that means creating new solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

I transform my client’s lives, that is my passion. Fostering an environment in which they can explore their true selves, challenging what society has molded them to become. Aiding them in seeing the world in ways they never fathomed while encouraging them to constantly see and perform at the highest levels.

I come from humble beginnings – but it was evident from an early age that I had a desire for culture and everything the world had to offer. Introduced to entrepreneurship at a young age inspired me to start my first business at age 10. Almost two decades later I have owned businesses in various industries with partners from all over the world.

Though I have worked with major brands and corporations, I attribute my current success to my origins in the Import/Export business I began as a teenager – that expanded my network across the world bringing many friendships… but more importantly playing a role in the unique perspective my clients confidently take advantage of today. Perspective I was able to develop further for a few years through my travels and experiences as a published food writer.

Through my unique upbringing, I am able to do something I love… helping others greatly improve the quality of their lives through the crisis and turmoil… to the celebrations and champagne.


Who I advise

I specialize in Primary Perspective Advising for HNW women and multicultural celebrities, entrepreneurs, leaders, and executives.

I work with clients that aim for achievement on the highest levels. Winners that have found “success” but are looking for more. In some cases that means more out of life, in others its more out of their business, in most cases it’s a combination of both.

This type of mindset will benefit the most from my unique perspective and style of advising to help bring clarity, balance, increased optimism, and peak performance into your life.

I have always challenged the status quo, average has no place in my life… and I’m willing to challenge you and bring “out of the box” insight that will result in breakthroughs for your life, your business/ career, or your organization.

My ideal client is a high achiever with a story and a message, someone that is determined and willing to step out of their comfort zone to reach new heights.

How I advise

My style is balanced, brutally honest – while considerate of your feelings. I don’t accept bullshit nor do I give it. As my client, you can expect complete confidentiality and a thought partner that operates solely for the benefit of your interests.

Aggressive when necessary to leverage potential opportunities in your favor while steadily perceptive of your defense… constantly calculating risk to predict and minimize any vulnerabilities.

I’m not afraid to tell you what I think – no matter who you are. At the end of the day, if you need another yes man, it will be a lot cheaper to confide in someone within your current team… though it may come at a detrimental cost – that choice is yours. It’s my job to steer you in the direction of the goals we set forth… pushing and believing in you – even when you don’t.


I am committed to delivering the best experience for my clients because it benefits my passion to help and see others succeed. But I also primarily work on referral – and more than money – it serves my reputation. How I came up, your name is all you had and it was imperative to guard it with your life. Ultimately my success is married to the continuance of yours. For that reason, I only work with those dedicated to my services and a real connection that is mutually beneficial.


I am available for my VIP clients in real time – whether you need me in the background, in meetings to get a read on situations before you commit, or side by side in the midst of a crisis. I can work solely with you or in conjunction with your other team of advisors and staff. My clients can reach me by Phone, Text, Facetime… and in person for those conversations that must be had with extra privacy to preserve confidentiality.


It’s imperative that all of my clients value our work together and receive a substantial return on their time and monetary investment. I guarantee absolute confidentiality, the truth whether you like it or not, new perspectives and ideas that haven’t been thought of or others are too afraid to suggest. I promise to be honest, impartial, supportive and sincere. Loyalty is one of my core values, and in my opinion… it’s the cornerstone to a successful relationship.

Why I Advise

Everyone needs someone but your high profile won’t allow you to have just anyone… that’s where I come in. Your primary perspective advisor; trusted confidante, strategic soundboard, Fixer, voice of reason, crisis manager, positive influence, mentor, coach.

My clients routinely experience exponential increases in revenue, opportunities, purpose, creativity, clarity, less defeating thoughts and more positive emotions, improvement in personal and business relationships, improvement in performance.


Because each one of my clients are different and requires different techniques, our interactions are customized to produce the greatest result for you.

There is no cookie cutter approach. That’s the beauty of perspective. We work together to determine your perspective and introduce ways that resonate with you – to make the changes you desire.

Impacting your life beyond recognition, is not a band aid approach – it’s a total transformation that requires dedication and continuous improvement.








What I Can Do For You

Monthly Retainer

Private access for VIP clients


Group Coaching

2 Q&A’s per month

Robin Hood initiative

Scholarship and support programs for socially disadvantaged minorities, to include women and 1st-2nd generation immigrants

Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship

Scholarship and support programs for young entrepreneurs. 24/7 training portal and 1 Q&A per month

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