by Ludo Gabriele

Saying food is at the center of Hispanic life is no shocker and the numbers prove it. From their grocery shopping experience, to their food buying habits, studies show that Hispanics have a very special bond with food. Make no mistake, Hispanic foodies are the ultimate foodies.


For Hispanics, grocery shopping is not only a necessity. It’s a pleasurable experience. According to the latest edition of the Why behind the buy study released by Acosta and Univision, over two-third of Hispanics (68 percent) enjoy food shopping making it a social experience which is true for only 59 percent of the overall U.S. population. What makes Hispanics unique in their grocery shopping experience is that 79 percent of them shop for groceries with someone else, which is only true for 39 percent of U.S Shoppers.


Hispanic Foodies are surfing the healthy food trends. According to Nielsen Target Track, Hispanic organic product dollar sales has risen 69 percent vs 52 percent for Non-Hispanics (from 2012-2015).

  • 45 percent of Hispanics eat natural foods even though they are more expensive.
  • 38 percent of Hispanics eat organic foods even though they are more expensive.

Among Hispanic foodies, Hispanic Millennials seem to be the driving force especially as it comes to healthy products. According to the Hispanic Millennial Project study released by Think Now Research and Sensis, 60 percent of Hispanic Millennials consider themselves foodies. Also, Hispanics lead the preference for whole foods amongst Multicultural Millennials.

  • 70 percent of Hispanic Millennials reported that they would like their food to be free of growth hormones.
  • 63 percent of Hispanic Millennials reported that they would like their food to be sourced/manufactured ethically.
  • 61 percent of Hispanic Millennials reported that eating food that is free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) was important to them.


In case you are wondering who is the boss in the Hispanic household, the answer is very simple: it’s women. According to Nielsen’s report The Latina Power Shift, Latinas are the primary decision makers as it comes to food shopping: 66% of Latinas perceive women to be the primary decision maker for food-related purchases.

Latinas are also extremely connected to food online. 77 percent of Latinas look for cooking and recipes online several times a month, making it their number one category of online searches. 44 percent of Latinas rated food related content online as very important still according to The Latina Power Shift report.

As you can see Hispanic foodies are without a doubt THE ultimate foodies. It is crucial for marketers and corporations to be aware of this trend to remain relevant in the market place. Make sure to share this article and spread the word!

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