By Cortney Moore

One restaurateur in Massachusetts has put his money where his mouth is throughout the pandemic.

Jack Huang, the owner of Douzo Sushi, Basho Japanese Brasserie, Shabu Maru and Sushi Momento in Greater Boston, revealed he has been able to pay his employees a combined $270,000 between March and December as well as cover 100% of their health benefits, according to a recent Instagram post shared by Douzo Sushi.

“This pandemic showed up overnight, and being a restaurateur means taking care of the people that show up every day to make your business thrive, and our employees are professional, hard-working, dedicated, and loyal to our restaurants,” Huang said in a statement sent to Fox News.

“When COVID hit, we wanted to make sure that they had a sense of security and felt comfortable coming to work,” he added. “Providing full pay and benefits directly related to the successful productivity of our staff, our restaurants, and with our guests. These employees are like family to me, this is the least I could do.”

Huang and his senior management team were able to raise the $270,000 from dining customers, to-go orders and gift card sales from all restaurants, according to a press release. The amount was enough to provide full pay to 85 full-time employees plus cash bonuses.

It also covered health and dental benefits for each employee throughout the pandemic. Huang and his team plan to continue covering these benefits “over the next few months.”

Other costs Huang’s restaurants have covered include PPE and hand sanitizer for employees. Moreover, when the coronavirus lockdowns first hit the U.S. in March, employees were even granted transportation allowances that covered cab fares.

Some employees of Huang’s have reportedly worked with him for more than 10 years.

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